Legacy Fund Survey
In December 2020, Grain Farmers of Ontario announced the decision to wind down Wheat Marketing programs that were being managed by the organization, including a Wheat Pool program that marketed wheat on behalf of farmer-members, with an end date of May 31, 2021.

A fund was created in 2010 when Grain Farmers of Ontario was formed using contributions from accumulated assets of the three founding organizations (Ontario Wheat Producers’ Marketing Board, Ontario Corn Producers’ Association, and Ontario Soybean Growers). The fund was not created from the collection of license fees. It was used to cash flow wheat trading activities since 2010 and has a current value of approximately $14 million.

As a fund to provide cash flow for wheat trading is no longer needed, Grain Farmers of Ontario is beginning a process to identify the best way to use this legacy fund to build stronger success for Ontario grain farmer-members.

At the end of this survey, there is an open area where you can provide additional feedback.

At the request of Grain Farmers of Ontario, the Ontario Farm Products Marketing Commission is proposing amendments to the Farm Products Marketing Act relating to Grain-Plan and Grain-Marketing. You can review the details of the proposed amendments and submit comment until September 13. (https://www.ontariocanada.com/registry/view.do?postingId=38347&language=en)
Are there current programs or activities from Grain Farmers of Ontario that you would like to see more funding directed to? *
Rate each from 1-5, 1 being the least funding and 5 being the most funding.
Agronomy Programs and Education
Government Relations
Farmer-member Programs (leadership development, member engagement, farmer wellness, etc)
New Market Development
Public Communications
Research Investments
Do any of these options for spending some of the funds interest you? *
Rate each from 1-5, 1 being the least interest and 5 being the most interested.
Invest in special projects
Invest in scholarships
Invest in non-agricultural related initiatives, beyond current Grain Farmers of Ontario investments
Invest in cross-agriculture collaborations beyond traditional Grain Farmers of Ontario investments
Please expand on any of the above.
Please provide any ideas that you believe Grain Farmers of Ontario should consider for investment now that would benefit the grain and oilseed industry 10 years from now.
How would you suggest the Grain Farmers of Ontario Legacy Fund be used? *
Other comments
What county do you reside in?
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