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St Peter’s College is pleased to offer a Community Business Directory. This exciting PTFA initiative, in association with St Peter’s College, is one of many ways we help to support the wider SPC community by enhancing the wonderful SPC network and community spirit.

Small business or big business, holiday house to rent, babysitting services, skills & services to offer – or a school sponsor? This business directory is available on the SPC website (under the COMMUNITY menu).

The St Peter’s College Community Business Directory is a way for our community to support businesses that support SPC, are owned by, or that employ SPC parents.

Inclusion of a listing in this directory does not constitute a recommendation or endorsement on the school’s part. SPC takes no responsibility for the accuracy or currency of any listings.

This business directory is a complimentary service for current families and families of past pupils, sponsors and staff members.

Entries are subject to approval and editing. For queries, please email:

Once you SUBMIT your response, you will receive an email copy of your form. At the TOP of this email there is an EDIT RESPONSE link which you may use to fix up any errors or typos.

Please email:

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