Registration for International Seminar on Platforms & Mobile Competition
This is the registration for 'International Seminar on Platforms and Mobile Competition' on 9th, Jun, 2016.
영문으로 작성해주시길 바랍니다.(ex. 'Matt Kemp', Gil-dong Hong)
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귀하가 소속된 회사 또는 단체명으로 작성해주시길 바랍니다.(ex. 'Google', 'Sogang University')
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직급 및 부서(Rank / Department)
귀하가 소속된 단체에서의 직급과 부서입니다.(ex. Professor, ICT Law & Economics Institute)
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전자메일 주소.(E-mail Address)
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오찬참석여부(Whether Participate in Luncheon)
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