Stream Team Application
If you are interested in joining the Empire Minecraft Stream Team, please fill out the following form. Krysyy and JackBiggin will review and contact you if you are chosen for the role. Do not bug staff members about the status of your application.

Things we are looking for:
-Willingness to work as a TEAM member
-Experience with video editing software
-Preferred experience with YouTube and/or Twitch or other streaming software
-Preferred 18+ years old for streaming (Voice included)
-Basic understanding of copyright infringement with regards to music, video, etc.
What is your username on EMC? *
If you have multiple accounts, please list the one that is your MAIN account.
Age/Voice Use? *
YouTube Channel Verification? *
Please submit a link to a picture of your screen that looks similar to this one below for us to verify your YouTube channel.
Example of the screenshot we are looking for:
Official App Submission Video Link? *
Please include a link to your application video. It must be quality edited, with a minimum of 720p, and no copyrighted music. Include voice if you are 18+ and plan to use voice in your future videos. It is an expectation that it be edited to standards such as background music (use if your future content is likely to include, and correctly have, noise removal (even just using Audacity's correctly) if required.
What Editing Software do you use? *
Must accept multi track editing.
What recording program do you use? *
Please give a summary of your experience with video creation, editing, and/or streaming. *
If selected for the Team, you will be contacted via the Empire Minecraft forums. Please verify that you have an account set up. *
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