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Synopsis: Bellona is a young princess who grows up in a world of privilege. A world of servants, banquets, and power. To others, she has everything. But behind the castle walls and locked doors things are very different.Bellona is a damaged, dark and broken girl. Her mother is her number one tormentor. Her words break Bellona, while her father prefers his fists. Hate grows thick within Bellona and the servants become her toys - ones she can break and replace.In this harrowing tale, we watch Bellona destroy everything around her, yet Nierra, the man who will become her husband, is the only hope she has. But will he be enough to save her?Redemption will be sought,Deaths will be repaid,And somethings can never be undone.Step back into Saskia again.****THIS TRILOGY IS COMPLETE****ORDER OF BOOKSEDEN FOREST (PART ONE) CITY OF SECRETS (PART TWO)THE RISE OF THE QUEEN (PART THREE)BELLONA (PART 1.5) NOVELLA
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