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Here are MGC we're looking to create partnerships with gamers all over the world. An MGC Sponsorship is an equal opportunity program offered to help small active streamers, with great content, boost their share of voice in the gaming community and help promote MGC at the same time.

Once accepted, you will be asked to place promotional material on your channels to make your viewers aware that you are being sponsored by the site. In exchange, MGC will not only promote your stream to its site users, but provide you with coverage on both their Twitter and Facebook as well as other marketing opportunities and events as they arise.

Once the Sponsorship Form is complete click submit and a Representative will get back to you in 3 Business Days from the following Friday of your application. Disclaimer, this Sponsorship does not pay. MGC Promotes you as a Brand and you Promote MGC. If you have been accepted, MGC will send you a Promotional Package based on your current content needs. It will contain assets that will help you Promote MGC along with a kick off letter explaining expectations and best strategies to maximize your exposure.

If you have any questions regarding the sponsorship form or require further information, please reach out via the contact button on .

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All applications will be reviewed the Friday following the day the application was submitted. Not all applications are guaranteed acceptance. Much like Twitch affiliates, your application will be reviewed to consider Social activity and content of your channels.
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