Esperanto-Asocio de Britio
The Esperanto-Asocio de Britio (EAB) is a registered charity which has the object of providing education in and about the international language Esperanto. It is based in Barlaston, just outside Stoke-on-Trent. A board of trustees is responsible for its operation, supported by a full-time employee and a handful of volunteers. The trustees are interested in buying in external services to take over many of the tasks which fall on them to carry out, as well as engaging in new projects to develop the charity. Please note that this is not an employment role but one for an independent contractor.

You will work independently, although you will be expected to report back frequently to the trustees, who retain the responsibility for oversight of the charity. You will provide line management to any employees. The role will frequently involve commuting to our headquarters in Barlaston, as well as other travel, possibly even abroad. The needs of the charity will often require working unsocial hours, very often weekends. There will be no extra pay to compensate for the unsocial hours.

As the successful candidate, you will have excellent written and spoken English and Esperanto, with at least two years' experience of running a charity and producing annual reports in line with current Charity Commission standards. You may need to act as the editor to either or both of EAB's periodicals if a position becomes vacant and a replacement cannot be found.

The central areas of the role encompass education and development. You will need to have experience of teaching Esperanto at all levels. It is of prime importance to be extremely well versed in all things online, developing a thorough online presence which is absolutely contemporary. You will be able to develop a digital identity for EAB, including interactive online platforms, sound and video, and running its social media operations.

EAB's site hosts the Butler Library, a collection of over 13,000 books plus archives and recordings. EAB currently has no volunteer input into the library and its honorary librarian is in poor health and no longer able to visit the site. In the absence of a volunteer and on-site librarian, it will be part of your job to make a success of it, which will require lots of hands-on work, cataloguing, sorting, and digitising.

You will be quick, confident and decisive in handling the responsibilities traditionally held by the charity's secretary, and many of the traditional treasurer's tasks. You may well be expected to represent the charity externally, whether in formal surroundings or giving an interview on the radio or television.

As the successful candidate you will assess and revise EAB's educational portfolio, and develop additional methods of providing accessible education to the general public. You will devise our events portfolio and, if there are no volunteers willing to do so, will be expected to set up and run the charity's annual weekend conference.

The work will be extremely varied and you will often wonder how you are going to fit everything in. At times there will be last-minute problems which arise at inconvenient moments. You will be expected to handle these issues promptly and professionally. If you are the sort of person to say "I've already done my hours" or "It's not my job to do X", then please do not apply. The needs of the charity will dictate what needs to be done and when, and you will be expected to work flexibly to accommodate those needs, prioritising your work as necessary.

This will be a short-term, part-time role initially, though the trustees will review it and may extend the arrangement. You will see below some of the tasks which the role encompasses. At the end, we ask you to make a proposal of how many hours you will require per week and at what cost. We will select candidates for interview after confirming first that all the essential criteria have been met, and then will make a judgement based on the cost involved and what other skills the candidate brings as well as what projects she or he proposes.

Please note: Fluency in written and spoken Esperanto is paramount. If you do not meet this criterion, please do not waste your time or ours in applying. Candidates will be tested on their spoken Esperanto at interview and will be disqualified if they do not speak it. We will be able to tell if software has been used to provide translations in the relevant areas on this application, and will reject any applications where this is the case.

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