Parents of Addicted Children Coming Together (PACCT)
Parenting can be the most joyous and rewarding role we play in life as well as the most difficult. Watching a child suffer while feeling helpless is incredibly painful. Centre Helps recognizes that addiction does not define a person and it does NOT erase any one's wonderful, admirable, and lovable qualities.

Supporting a son or daughter through addiction is overwhelming, to say the least.

What is addiction?

What is the best way I can help?

What resources are available?

The Parents of Addicted Children Coming Together (PACCT) program provided by Centre Helps can answer these questions and more in a compassionate and supportive environment.

Addiction affects families from all walks of life. You are not alone! To learn more, please complete this confidential form.

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Are you the parent of a teen or adult child who is struggling with drug or alcohol abuse?
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More information about PACCT
A group of 8-12 parents that meets once a week for two hours over the course of 6 weeks.

During each session, education on various topics is covered followed by group discussion and processing, with an emphasis on self-care and personal well-being.

Substance abuse, addiction, recovery, and relapse
Impacts on the family
Healthy and effective coping skills
How to recognize and reduce enabling behaviors
Steps to take in the home to encourage sobriety
Treatment options
Local services available

Regardless of your child’s age or residence, any parent struggling with the substance abuse of their child is welcome.
Whether you suspect your child is abusing substances or you know your child has an addiction, you are welcome.

Thank you!
Centre Helps aims to accommodate those who would benefit from the program by selecting a time and location based on your input. We will be in touch soon.
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