VCSE data and intelligence
The VCSE Health and Wellbeing Alliance is exploring how data and intelligence held by the voluntary sector is used. The aim of this study is to enable better service planning and address inequalities in public service delivery.

We are asking frontline voluntary organisations to complete this questionnaire to help us:
* determine barriers and enablers
* identify good practice
... in the use of data and intelligence in the strategic planning of health and social care services in England.

Data captured through this questionnaire will ONLY be reported in an ANONYMISED fashion. All data gathered by this questionnaire is subject to NCVO's data and privacy policies.

Please direct any questions about this work to

THANK YOU for taking the time to complete this questionnaire. The deadline is 10am on FRIDAY 11 DECEMBER 2020.
Name of organisation
If you wish to remain anonymous, you don't have to tell us this. This will help us know if we have reached a wide range of types of organisations.
Region your services are MAINLY based in
What data do you capture?
Please tell us about any data / intelligence you capture that goes BEYOND what funders/commissioners require
We are looking for examples of Information and issues faced by participants which you hear through service delivery but are not asked to record by funders (FOR EXAMPLE barriers in accessing services) ... Just LEAVE BLANK if you do not capture extra data.
... And how does your organisation use that data?
Please just leave blank if you do not capture additional data.
Please describe how other organisations (e.g. partners, funders) use the data / intelligence you collect.
Please give some examples of how data / intelligence you have captured has been used strategically in your area to plan or develop services.
How do you feel your data could be better used?
In your experience, what are the barriers to voluntary sector data / intelligence being used in the strategic planning of services?
Do you know of any examples where voluntary sector data / intelligence IS systematically captured and used in strategic decision making? Please provide as much information as possible, along with contact details of those involved if known (with their permission).
Anything else on this topic that you would like to share?
OPTIONAL - name and email address
This will enable us to contact you to discuss your responses in more detail. In addition to this questionnaire, we will be running some focus groups and collecting case studies to enable us to gather both a breadth and depth of input.
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