Dododex Dino Categories
Dododex users have been asking for the ability to search for a dino and the ability to filter dinos by map.

I've decided to implement both of these features in the next version, with the addition of "categories" so that you can easily find the dino you're looking for. Categories also help newer players who may not remember the name of a dino, but know what it looks like or some of its features (like if it’s a water dino, etc.).

Imagine these categories were listed in the app so you could easily find the dino you're looking for. How useful would you find each of these categories? *
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Slightly helpful
Moderately helpful
Very helpful
Extremely helpful
BY MAP: The Island / The Center / Scorched Earth / Aberration / Ragnarok
BY DIET: Carnivore / Herbivore / Omnivore
BY HABITAT: Flying / Swimming / Land
BY SIZE: Small / Medium / Large
New Creatures
Fast Tames
Creatures with Platform Saddles
Pack Animals
Fast Creatures
Battle Creatures
Shoulder Mounts
What other categories would you find useful? (Leave blank if none)
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Imagine you see a list of categories and you click "ARK: Aberration." What would you expect to see here? *
Imagine an average day where you played at least a few hours hours of ARK and you used Dododex. How many different dinos would you look up on Dododex in a single day?
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Any other feedback?
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