Interested to Participate?
Interested to Participate?

Thank you for your interest in participating in the RESCUE-ASDH trial. This questionnaire needs to be completed as part of the site selection process.
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What is the number of consultant neurosurgeons (i.e. board certified attending neurosurgeons) in your unit? *
What is the number of trainee neurosurgeons in your unit? *
Do you have a general ICU or dedicated neuro-ICU? *
How many neurosurgical beds do you have in your ICU or neuro-ICU? *
Approximately how many craniotomies for traumatic intracranial haematomas are performed in your hospital every year? *
How many patients with an acute subdural haematoma would your unit be able to recruit in the RESCUE-ASDH every year? *
Patients eligible for recruitment in the RESCUE-ASDH will lack capacity to provide informed consent. In the UK, enrolment of such patients will be possible provided that an independent neurosurgeon (i.e. not involved with the trial) is in agreement. After the operation, a researcher will discuss with the patient’s relatives and patients will be asked to provide informed consent, if and when they regain capacity. Would such an arrangement be possible in your unit and allowed by the local laws and regulations? *
Has your unit taken part in any other multi-centre neurosurgical trials in the past? *
If yes, please list them here.
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