1:1 Educational Technology Integration Survey
What year(s) do you teach? *
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What is your education technology proficiency level? *
1 - I know how to turn my computer on but not much else. 5 - I know how to check my email, send email and check/edit Atlas without help. 10 - I could fill in for Kevin McKeon (HOD of Technology).
What topics are you most interested in learning about? *
Please rank your interest in each topic. 1=not interested at all, 5=extremely interested!
iPad Basics (how it works, performing simple tasks and beginner tips and tricks)
Classroom Management (in a 1:1 classroom)
Digital Citizenship (the way students behave on the internet)
Using specific iPad apps (of your choice)
Developing/Using a classroom website/blog
iBooks Author (a free program only for Apple Laptops that lets you create your own interactive textbook for iPads)
Google Apps for Education (Google Docs, Google Sites, etc.)
Developing your Personal Learning Network (PLN)(how to use Twitter to find free lesson plans & connect with educators around the world)
If you chose other for the previous question, please explain.
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When would you most like to attend Professional Development (PD)? *
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What are your biggest concerns, worries, apprehensions, etc about going 1:1? *
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