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The classes start on April 20th and will be from 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM. The course is 14 calls with one each day at a stretch.

Topics -
1. Chalukyas - the 1st great karnataka kingdom
2. Hampi and Vijayanagara - a spectacular Indian city we deserve to know
3. Hoysalas of Karnataka - Doodling everywhere on the page can look good!
4. Yummy food 2000yrs ago
5. The Chola kings and how they built an empire across Asia and
taught us what we need to do if we want to earn lots of money
6. The Pallava kings and how they told stories through sculptures
and taught us how we can get what we want from our parents.
7. The Pandyas who even during a fight, fought fairly and taught
us how we have to behave when we are angry.
8. The Nayak kings, who only watched TV of those days and finally
died a horrible death
9. The Maratha kings who had lots of difficulty but still became famous
10. How can we make temple visits that our parents force us to go to,
less boring for ourselves?
11. The horrible stories of war in Tamil Nadu our history books never tell us
12. How did people get what they wanted in the past?
13. How did people mange to get water and food in the past?
14. Crime and punishments 1000 yrs. ago – all the dangerous stories
of naughty people, your parents and history text books will never tell

All calls will be only on Zoom. We have taken all precautions for Zoom to be safe.

1.  Familiarize yourself with how zoom works a day before so that you have no difficulty during the call, there is no tech support! Please see the following THROUGHLY –

a. https://zoom.us/

b.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ik5o6WptX0 and many others on YouTube… please see as many as you can

2.Login 4min before the scheduled call time from a place that is quiet. Have a notebook, pen, a4 sheet and coloring materials in front of you.

3.When you are not talking, be on mute.

4.No pre-work is necessary.

5.Take notes, ask questions, and do the drawing. This is not an exam and there are no marks, so have fun and give it your best!

6.After the call, share what you have learnt – over the phone with at least 10 other people before the next call

7.Please commit before and after the call, mentally that you will follow what ever directions the government has given during these troubled times and that you will support others in the home to follow them too.

Payment Details

Pradeep does training and heritage tours for corporates based on Indian behavioral models. In the Indian tradition, the guru shares all his knowledge with 100% generosity. The guru NEVER fixes the dakshina. A student shares whatever s/he CAN AFFORD with 100% generosity as a return favor after he has taken from the guru. After each call, pay what you think the session was worth to

Account Name: Pradeep Chakravarthy

ICICI Chennai, Kodambakkam Branch

Account name - Pradeep Chakravarthy

Account no 000 101 538776

IFSC Code : ICIC 000 0577


Gpay : pradeepchakravarthy75@okicici

Call format -

1. Each 75min call in English. will be delivered by Behaviorist Pradeep Chakravarthy (see his talks on YouTube and www.mysticalpalmyra.com) ,

The call format –
a. Pradeep speaks for 45-60min on the topic
b. Each participant asks at least 1 question about the topic (this
is compulsory) – 15min (children will be given preference here)
2. Call is open for anyone over 9yrs
3.Only one call per day from 1500-1615 Start date – April 20
2020. A new topic daily.
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