Cody Rouge Cares Interest Form
Cody Rouge Community Action Alliance is working to plan some programs and services for people in the community who are caregivers.If you are a caregiver of someone in Cody Rouge, or if you live in Cody Rouge, we would love to hear from you. Your answers will be anonymous and will just be used to help us create the program schedule.
What kinds of activities would be helpful to you as a caregiver?
If you were going to attend a class, what days and times would be best for you?
Would you like the activities to be for caregivers and the person that they care for or just for caregivers?
If the class were just for caregivers, would you need care to be provided on site for the person that you care for?
What zip code do you live in?
What zip code does the person that you care for live in?
If you would like to be informed about the caregiver programs, please share a good email address or phone number so we can let you know what's going on!
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Is there anything else that you would like CRCAA to know?
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