Three T Bakery
All of our cookies are sweet vanilla bean sugar cookies baked fresh per order and decorated with Royal Icing. Please see the pricing tiers below. Each batch will come neatly packaged in a bakery box or on a party platter. Additional fees may apply for special packaging requests. To place an order, please continue to the next page.

>> Level 1 - $33/dz: Simple - 1 Design (1-2 colors)

>> Level 2 - $36/dz: Standard (Non Character/Non Logo) Customized Batch (3 colors or less/3-4 designs)

>> Level 3 - $40/dz: Moderate level detail (4-5 colors and/or contains Gold Or Silver) 4+ designs **Graduation Batches**

>> Level 4 - $45/dz: High level Detailed Batches (5+ colors/batch has high level of small detail/contains hand painted elements)

>> Level 5 - $48/dz: Extremely High Detailed Batches (5+ colors/batch has high level of small detail/may contain add't embellishments)

>> Level 6 - $50+/dz: Complete Customized Batch (An example of this batch will be where the majority of the cookies are different) - Send picture and examples and request a price quote today!

>> Special Options - Ask for a special price quote today! (Prices will vary based on request) Cookie Bouquets, Cookie on a stick, Gift baskets, etc

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