The March of the Beavers
Head to Kingdoms of the Night and observe the movements of the beavers, specifically on their adaptations and how they have evolved to live in their environment. Answer the following series of questions related to the beaver, their current adaptations and how they might potentially be evolving.
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1. What adaptations (list and explain 2) seem to make the beavers well adapted for their environment? *
2. What possible adaptations (list and explain 2) might help make their lives easier in their current environment? Explain why the particular adaptation might be beneficial to them. *
3. Make a prediction on how beavers might be impacted to warmer dryer climates due to climate change and what forms of adaptations they might develop to help them acclimate to their new environments. List and explain two *
4. Would you say that the beaver is a versatile creature - able to live in a variety of regions, or not? Explain your reasoning with reference to specific adaptations. *
5. Rate the Beaver's specialization. *
Less specialized (more able to live in a wide range)
More specialized (less able to live in a wide range)
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