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The next few weeks could be a time of feeling alone and cut off from others. It could also be a time to find fresh focus on what is most important. Could it be that a season of being apart could actually draw us together? VEJ is creating a pen pals program to turn this season of alone-ness into a season of new friends and togetherness. When you sign up to be a pen pal, you'll provide a little information about yourself. Don't worry! We'll keep everything but your email and first name private. Based on the information you share, we'll pair you with someone who comes from a different background or walk of life. We'll send your pen pal's email address and first name. Each morning, we'll email you a new question to ask your pen pal (and for them to ask you). We hope this will be a time of discovery and newfound community for you and your pen pal.
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