Eastside Notables
The Eastside Yearbook Committee is facilitating class superlatives & the yearbook will have a section dedicated to notables.

Please provide your name and email -- and please don't take this survey more than once. For each of these questions, provide up to two full names of students or teachers you think best describe the role. You may choose yourself and you may put the same name down for more than one question, although each selected student will only be able to fill one role. Thank you!
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Who is the Most Friendliest?
Who is the Most Genuine?
Who is Most Likely to Sleep through an Earthquake?
Who has the Most School Spirit?
Who could Most Likely Star on Broadway?
Who is Most Likely to Survive an Apocalypse?
Who is the Biggest Gamer?
Who has the Most Contagious Laugh?
Who is the Class Clown?
Who is the Best Dressed?
Who is most likely to Cheer You Up?
Who is the most involved with current events (politics, world events)?
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