Humans for Peace Institution مؤسسة البشرية من أجل السلام
Please accept me as a member of the organization "Humans for Peace Institution" According to the Canadian Law of  Personal Data Protection, I agree to the use of personal data
آمل الموافقة على إنضمامي لمؤسسة البشرية من أجل السلام حسب القوانين المنظة لذلك ، وقوانين احترام المعلومات الشحصية والتي اوافق على استخدامها بشكل رسمي.
I would like to be أريد أن أصبح
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I accept the goals, objectives and principles of Humans for Peace Institution (HPI ), and I accept the terms of a resolution (appointment) and for membership in HPI. Any statements and allegations in respect of my membership and the work of HPI, the media, electronic media and social networks promise to publish only after the written permission of the HPI leadership. In case of violation of conditions or improper performance of work duties, a member of HPI shall be fully liable in accordance with applicable law. أنا أوافق على قوانين مؤسسة البشرية من أجل السلام. *
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