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We'll be happy to add Pints of Joy to your special occasion. Please fill the form below to start a party order. Once we receive this info, we'll contact you to answer your questions, give you the quote, and finalize your order.
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What is the occasion (wedding, birthday, graduation, casual get together, etc.)? *
How many people are you expecting at your party? If unsure, please share a range. *
When is the party? Please indicate date and time (start and end). *
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Please list the flavors you would like. The current flavors are on our website. If you have special requests, please mention them here. We'll try to accommodate your special requests, if possible. *
Do you prefer pre-packed cups (can include custom message on labels) or larger packaging to scoop from? *
Do you need special labels on cups for your party? If yes, please provide text for the label below.
Do you want us to provide supplies and catering personnel for your party? Costs for supplies and catering personnel will be added to your quote. *
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Large group & party order guidelines
1) Applies to groups of 50 or more. For gatherings smaller than 50, please use online or in-store ordering as in normal course.
2) Payment is due at the time of order confirmation, ideally atleast 2 weeks before the event date. We do not start preparing large orders until payment is received. We appreciate orders placed and paid well in advance, specially at peak times (summer, wedding season, Diwali, holidays).
3) We know plans can change for reasons within or outside your control, and we will process refunds for costs we have not incurred. Refunds will be processed as below:
  - Cancelation more than 14 days before the event date: Refund 100% of order value
  - Cancelation 8-14 days before the event date: Refund 50% of ice cream charge and 100% of other charges
(server, supplies and delivery)
  - Cancelation within 7 days of the event date: Refund 25% of ice cream charge and 50% of other charges (server, supplies and delivery)
4) If the event is not cancelled but the date/time changed, please reach out to us soonest possible. If delivery and/or servers are requested, it may affect scheduling, which we will try to accommodate the best we can.

We will revert on your request soon!
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