[BrookEdge Academy] High School Student ("HSS") Volunteer Application Form

[A General Description about the On-boarding Process]
1. To start the recruiting process, a high-school-student applicant will:
(i) fill in the Application Form here;
(ii) send additional information to BrookEdge Academy mail, if applies;
(iii) receive an interview by invite, if applies.

2. If all good, the applicant enters the volunteer pool. Working in BEA community is primarily task- or project-driven. That means the volunteer commits their time and contributes to a specific task, project or program.

3. When an opportunity matches the volunteer's strengths and interests, BEA staff will communicate with the candidate with a preliminary check about their schedule. If this opportunity looks like what the candidate is excited about, the volunteer will receive a formal assignment describing the scope of work and conditions.

4. If the volunteer accepts the assignment and its conditions, a follow-up training or quick discussion will be arranged or even a dry-run, if needed, subject to the nature and complexity level of the task.

[Limited Opportunities]
While any application is welcomed at any point throughout the year, the hiring needs vary from time to time. Please understand that volunteering opportunities are limited.

[Endorsement/Legal Authorization by Parents/Guardians]
Please ensure this form is reviewed, endorsed and authorized by your parent or guardian, if the student applicant(s) are under the age of 18.

[Completeness of Application]
Wherever additional information is required for your choice(s) of volunteering interests, please send the information to our email after you fill out this form. Such information is provided in Section 3 of this form. Applications without sufficient information to proceed will not be taken forward. Thank your for your understanding.

Estimate of time to have the form done: 5 - 10 mins. In case of updates of your answers or technical difficulties, please contact the Academy by emailing us.

This form becomes effective as of April 15 2021.

BrookEdge Academy email address: brookedgeacademy@gmail.com.
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