"Remember I Said That"
Use this app to record your important mutterings. Parking them might make them useful later! Add 1 or more items per go. There are no limits on how often you unload your "I told you so" stuff.

We doubt its useful, as no-one ever listens, but when you get dementia. a "Remember I said that" stick it to them, could be powerful about then? When you're dead too, if they think you had money, all the ears prick up. For such avaricious attentiveness, to help resolve wild goose chases from the grave, a "Remember I said that I always loved cats homes". could be useful.

Have a go at recording your own "Remember I said that" It does ask for a email address to send a copy of your responses. If you are worried about us spamming you. just use fake one It still works so you can get to spy on what others say.

It is for everyone so please share this on HFAO.blogspot.com "Humour for All Occasions". and keep your responses light so others can enjoy it too.

Email address
Now add your own "Remember I said that". Don't be shy!
Perhaps to start just do one item to see what others before you have said too. There's even one from Frank Sinatra. It wont bite and you can always go back and change anything.
1.1 You do need to "Remember I said that"....
Your answer
1.2 I want you to "Remember I said that"...
Your answer
1.3 I wish no-one would "Remember I said that"...
Your answer
1.4 No-one believes me, but I "Remember I said that"...
Your answer
2.1 I remember you said that this is a waste of time .
2.2 Other feedback that I want you to Remember I said.
Your answer
3.1 My Nick-name, when you publish like this is ....
Your answer
3.2 The date I said all that...
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