Descubre cual es tu nivel de inglés, a continuación tienes un test de 76 preguntas, de menos a más dificultad. NO es necesario contestar todas las preguntas, cuando el test se convierta en una lotería, sé honesto contigo mismo y párate. En la parte inferior, después de la pregunta 76, haz clic en "ENVIAR" y nos pondremos en contacto contigo para infórmate del resultado. LET'S GO!
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1. A: Where __________ from? B: I'm from England
2. I have two ___________, a boy and a girl.
3. We have _________ house in Berlin.
4. _________ seven people in my family.
5. This is my sister. _______ name's Agatha.
6. I work in a ___________. I'm a nurse.
7. I wake up____ 8:30 in the morning.
8. Excuse me, ________ speak Italian?
9. How much is __________ jacket?
10. A: Where are my glasses? B: They are ________ the desk.
11. My brother _______ football very well.
12. I usually go to work _____ bus.
13. Caroline stayed _____ home yesterday morning.
14. I don't see my sister very often ______ she lives in North America.
15. Last night I __________ to the theatre.
16. Are you ____________ French teacher?
17. _________ you have a good time at the party? Yes, it was really fun.
18. ________ were you last weekend? I was in Scotland.
19. Jessie will meet _______ at the hotel.
20. I am going to a concert tomorrow. _________ you like to come?
21. A: ________ use your phone? B: Sure. Here you are.
22. Excuse me, how do I _______ to the train station?
23. I'd like __________ milk in my coffee, please.
24. ___________ an underground station near my apartment.
25. I think skateboarding is more dangerous ______ driving.
26. We _______ going to the cinema next Sunday.
27. I just get about six hours' sleep a night. That's not _______.
28. ________ ever been to London?
29. If you have got a headache, you _____ go home.
30. A: Is Washington the capital of the USA? B: I think ________.
31. We paid the restaurant bill _________ credit card.
32. They never ______ a television when they were children.
33. If you _________ money from a relative, you should always pay it back fast.
34. Playing the guitar isn't as difficult _______ playing the violin.
35. It's Steve's birthday on Sunday. He ______ be 37, I think.
36. If the weather _________ bad at the weekend, we can go to the cinema.
37. Mary isn't here. She __________ to visit her sister. She'll be back next week.
38. Have they finished _________ the wall yet?
39. Lena used to find work boring ___________ she became a flight attendant.
40. If I ___________ closer to my office, I could walk to work.
41. A: I've got to be at work in 15 minutes. B: Don't worry, I ______ you a lift if you want.
42. We have _______ come back from a trip to Canada. It was amazing.
43. I ___________ in front of the hotel when suddenly a police car arrived.
44. We moved to the countryside because I couldn't _______ up with the noise in the city.
45. Vanessa _________ married since she was 24.
46. There's no name on this notebook. It ________ be mine then. Mine's got my name on the cover.
47. Taekwondo is a sport ________ requires a lot of speed and fitness.
48. Do you ever ask you friends to do favours _________ you?
49. I've finished this apple and I am still hungry. I _____ asked for something more filling.
50. I don't know how much this book costs. The price label's _______ off.
51. A: I was wondering ______ I could make you some questions. B: Sure, go ahead.
52. Ben got the job because he _____ a very good impression at his interview.
53. Country music always _______ me of my trip to Texas.
54. I'm afraid your motorbike _________ fixed before next month.
55. A: How about going to "Sans" nightclub? B: There's no _______ I am going there. It's horrible!
56. By the age of 19, I _________ not to go to college.
57. I ____________ to be picking Susan up at the train station but I've lost my keys.
58. You can borrow my laptop ____________ you promise not to break it.
59. Pierre tends to put ______ dealing with problems, rather than dealing with them right away.
60. If the bus hadn't stopped for us, we ______ standing in the rain.
61. ___________ I had the talent, I still wouldn't want to be an opera singer.
62. There is going to be a new department at work. They have asked me to ____ it up.
63. I was about to go to sleep when it _______ to me where the missing keys might be.
64. If the movie is a ______ success, the director will get most of the credit.
65. Our workers take their responsibilities really ________________.
66. This is a photo of my little sister _____________ ice cream on the beach.
67. Susan was ________________ delighted with her birthday present.
68. The neighbours were surprised that the burglary took place in __________ daylight.
69. She invested a lot of time ____________ researching the most appropriate university course.
70. The police confirmed that she acted in self-________________.
71. The doors in this apartment are in urgent ____________ of replacement.
72. The experiment ______________ testing people's responses before and after drinking tea.
73. We will be a bit late. We're ___________ in a traffic hold-up.
74. Rock and roll music has been a major influence ___________ other musical styles, especially soul.
75. Maintaining an accurate balance sheet is essential, _____________ business you're in.
76. I'd lived in England, so I was used to ____________ on the left side of the road.
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