School of Education Admissions Test (SEAT)
Guidelines for Administering the SEAT & Signature of Acknowledgement

All students taking the School of Education Admissions Test (SEAT) are required to read the following guidelines for taking the SEAT and acknowledge their agreement by signing and dating this document below. If you are not in agreement with the guidelines you may choose to not sign; however, by not signing the guidelines you may be denied permission to take the SEAT in this format and must wait for a subsequent test administration when it is presented in an on campus face-to-face format. [BY ENTERING YOUR NAME AND DATE AT THE END OF THIS DOCUMENT YOU ARE 'SIGNING' THE DOCUMENT.]

All students seeking entry into programs in the School of Education are required to take and pass the School of Education Admissions Test (SEAT). Due to the current Coronavirus Pandemic, the test is being offered online. This online testing follows an honor system and test takers are expected to adhere to the testing guidelines presented below:

1) You acknowledge that you are the person who is eligible to take the test and will register for the test using the registration form at the bottom.

2) That you will abide by the directions and admonitions of the proctor administering the test and comply with all instructions given to persons taking the test.

3) That while taking the test - you would not seek nor would you receive - assistance from any person inside or outside the testing room, nor use any material not permitted in the test.

4) That you are responsible for ensuring online access and readiness for the test by (a) checking your computer for updates to browser and word processing applications, and (b) testing your computer microphones, cameras, and internet access. This should be done two days prior to the testing date. That should you encounter any technical problems during the administration of the test you would indicate this to the proctor who would then advise you on the next steps you should take.

e) That you would take the test within the regular timeframe provided for the test and can only be given consideration for extra time on the advice of the test coordinator.

f) That you would refrain from divulging any information about the test to anyone else either directly or indirectly, and would refrain from copying or transmitting the test questions during or after the test administration.

g) That your failure to comply with the above directions may result in the following consequences:

(i) A decision not to permit you to take the SEAT exam at this time.

(ii) A decision not to permit you to take the SEAT exam in this online format.

(iii) A decision not to allow you to take the SEAT exam in any future test administration.

h) That by entering your name below you are acknowledging that you have read the directions given above and will abide by them.
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After signing the 'Guidelines for Administering the SEAT' for online testing you may register for the test below:
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