Latin Sparks Festival 2017
Give us your feedback! There are 14 questions in total.
1. Select your gender.
2. Select your age group.
3. What time did you arrive at the event?
4. What time did you leave the event?
5. Did you leave the event and come back?
6. How many times have you attended Latin Sparks?
7. How was your overall experience at Latin Sparks Festival 2017?
8. What did you think of the venue (Albert Island)?
Hated it
Loved it
9. Rate the the line ups at Latin Sparks.
Slower than a turtle
Faster than a cheetah
10. Rate the customer service and staff at Latin Sparks.
11. What did you enjoy most about this event?
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12. How can we improve this event for next year? What should we add, change and/or remove?
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13. How likely are you to come to Latin Sparks Part 2 on August 12?
Not at all likely
Extremely Likely
14. How did you hear about the event? Check all that apply.
Additional Comments and/or Suggestions?
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