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Circles is new New Unity small group program that helps to build deep connections, provide opportunities to support and be supported, nurture growth, foster deeper understandings of love and justice, and welcome and integrate people into the New Unity Community.

This form is for people who would like to be matched with others in an existing or new Circles group. The information requested is so we can match you with the group that will be most meaningful for you.
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What is your postcode?
We are asking this to help form Circles of people who live near each other. The question is optional!
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Please indicate whether and how strongly you'd like the group members to be alike or diverse in each of these charactertics. Note that if you indicate 'require' then you will only be matched with a group that satisfies that requirement when and if such a group becomes available.
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Prefer alike
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Prefer diverse
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Geographical location
Work life
Marital/partnership status
Newness at New Unity
If you ticked 'alike' for any categories above, please tell us more here
If, for example, you indicate a preference for similar ages or work status, please specify your age or work status respectively.
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