VCV Request
Hi Friends,

Welcome to VCV Card Request Page. Please take out sometime and fill in the below details to register yourself for VCV card.

VIBGYOR will conduct a lucky draw based on the online applications required so far and lucky members will be receiving the VCV Cards in a month.

In case you dont receive the VCV card in the first month after you have registered, please bear with us for the time being as we intend to use all the addresses in due course of time.
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Any specific VCV Card?
If you have wish to receive any specific VCV card, please mention the VCV card number. To check the VCV card number, go to, and scroll to the bottom of the page, where the selected 8 images for the VCV cards of the month are displayed. To the extreme right bottom of each image, you will find the VCV card number, which is unique. Mention that card number. In case there is no specific card number, leave this space blank
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