Associate Membership Application 2018 - 2019
Application for associate membership of association 2018-2019 (for WDVCAS workers)
Please complete the following form to apply to become associate members of Women’s Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Service NSW Inc. (incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act 1984).

Associate membership is available for individuals who do not work at a WDVCAS but would like to support and join WDVCAS NSW Inc. If you are a WDVCAS staff member, you and your service are entitled to full membership of the peak, which can be applied for here.

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Do you agree to apply to become an associate member of Women’s Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Service NSW Inc, for the cost of thirty ($30). *
In the event of my admission as an associate member do you agree to be bound by the constitution of the association and to support the purpose, aims and guiding principles of the association? *
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