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Who is an OUTLIER?

a person who is unusual or successful and not like others in the same group, a survivor, someone who manages to continue a successful life despite very bad experiences
Hi, I'm Mollie. You and I have something in common. Let's use it to do something extraordinary together.
My name is Mollie Corbett, and I am an artist and commercial photographer living and working in Shreveport, LA. When I was five years old, the babysitter's son stole something from me. With Outlier, I'm taking it back. If you are a survivor of sexual assault, I want to hear your story. Together, we will ignite a movement to raise awareness, dispel stigma, and foster justice for other victims of sexual assault. Let's do something extraordinary...together.
Outlier is looking for sexual assault survivors who are ready to share their story.
You must be 18 years of age or older.
You must be brave.
You must know that you have done nothing wrong.
You must know that you are of immeasurable value.
You must believe that positive change is possible.
You must know that you are a powerful voice for victims.
You must know that you are not alone.
You must know that you are now a part of a mighty movement.
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