Holiday Matsuri 2018 Guest Application
Interested in being a guest at Holiday Matsuri 2018? Fill out this application!

Please note the following information:
- While the Guest Application is open until one week before the convention, we make guest determinations by July. Submission after July 1st will be considered for the 2019 year.

- Primary guest must be 18 years or older as of September 1, 2018 to participate.

- Submission of this application will *not* guarantee your admission as a Guest to Holiday Matsuri 2018.

Please submit ONE guest per application. If the guest is normally inseparable (such as an two-person act show), then submit them together. However, if the guests can be separated, or the riders for the guests are usually separated (for example, two cosplayers that are husband and wife), then submit one application for each guest.

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