Dr. Carl F. Muckenhoupt Scholarship Fund Application
The award is for a student who, “will use their training in science to benefit the environment of the earth and the life upon it.”


1. Undergraduate students majoring in any of the sciences or math, including fields such as (but not limited to) biology, medicine, agriculture, geology, wildlife management, etc.
2. Students with a demonstrated interest in aiding the environment.
3. Middlers and Juniors with a QPA of 3.25 and better, who have completed at least 75% of their credits at Northeastern for undergraduates.

Note: If you are a student who is already receiving significant financial support from Northeastern University, the award may take the form of recognition rather than be monetary.

Please have your references and official transcript sent to Danielle Lynch, Marine and Environmental Sciences Department, 360 Huntington Ave,14 Holmes Hall, Boston, MA 02115 or environment@neu.edu.


*You may return to this form and edit your responses at any point up until the deadline.

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Include the names, addresses, phone numbers, and emails of three persons familiar with your work who you have asked to submit references on your behalf. PLEASE INSTRUCT YOUR REFERENCES to send their letters DIRECTLY to the department. It is your responsibility to verify that the letters have been sent.
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