Once Upon a Mischief Adoption Request
Thank you for choosing Once Upon a Mischief!
Filling out this application is the first step towards adopting rats from us.

Please make sure you have read my adoption terms BEFORE filling this out:

If you have any questions or comments about this application please do not hesitate to contact me at contact@onceuponamischief.com

Please note: In general I only read and reply to these requests on Wednesdays/Thursdays.
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Please include your legal real name. You will be asked to sign a legal contract and must use your real name to do so.
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If you go by another name either on facebook or your email, etc... and plan to contact me through there please include the other names below.
I get a ton of messages from people and it is hard to keep track of everyone. If you contact me with a different name than what you gave me, I don't know who you are. I am no longer selling to anyone who contacts me with a different name they haven't told me about.
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Have you read and are you willing to sign both the adoption contract and the liability waiver? *
*Both of these must be signed before placing your deposit. I require a digital signature at the time. If you have questions about either please contact me. For more information please see my page here: http://www.onceuponamischief.com/sales-contract
Phone Number: *
Why do I ask? I will only call or text on pickup day if there is an issue or emergency & I need to get a hold of you asap. It will never be shared with anyone.
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Please include your FULL address including City/State.
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Are you aware of my location and able to pick up the rats? *
I am located in Dunkirk, NY 14048. This is in Western New York state, south of Buffalo and on Lake Erie just a bit above the very tip of the NY/PA border. Please read my terms on when/how/if I will meet you. I am currently unable to ship
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Are you adopting rats for yourself, as a family pet, or for someone else/as a present? *
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What is your housing situation? (Rent, own, live with parents/family) * *
If you rent or live with family/friends
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Is everyone in the household ok with the rats being there? If you rent do you have permission? *
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How many people live in your home, and what are their ages? *
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Will the rats be a pet for a child? *
What pets/animals are in your home? (Species, breed, age, sex, altered or unaltered?) Please note you will NOT be denied for any type of pet, even snakes. *
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