ShriVaishnava Sampradaya daily Sandhai class - conducted by Shri U. Ve. Paraasara Thirumalai Bhattar Swamy of Srirangam
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(1) Due to time restriction, Tamil language will be the only medium of learning in this class. Sorry about the same. But you can learn in this class by reading from Divya Prabhadham and Sloka books available in many other languages. Please select the option that is applicable for you. *
(2) This is a daily Sandhai class. Whether you learn in a live manner or from audio recording, you need to dedicate one hour everyday, for almost 26 days in a month (13 days class -> 2 days break -> 13 days class -> 2 days break and so on). Is this fine with you? *
(3) This is NOT the place to hear full fledged Upanyasam. Some 70% of time will be spent in Sandhai to learn Prabhandham / Sloka and only 30% of time will be spent in learning the meaning of those. Also, to properly learn you cannot just listen to this class in a passive manner. You have to actively participate in it by reading from a book and repeating 3 times what is being taught. Are you still interested to attend this class?
(4) Following are the options available for you to attend this daily class. (a) Attend live class in-person in Srirangam (b) Attend live class by dialing a STD / long distance number (c) Attend live class via Computer or Smartphone (d) Attend recorded class via Computer or Smartphone. You can certainly attend via a combination of those too (Ex: attend live class most of the days but attend recorded class on some days). It doesn't matter to us via which method you attend this class on any given day. We just want you to learn in any way that's possible for you. Is one or more of these methods suitable for you? *
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(7) Please enter your WhatsApp contact number. We will NOT be sending audio recording of this class via WhatsApp. But we will send various updates regarding this class to all participants via WhatsApp only. For India phone number, please enter only the 10 digit number. No need to enter +91 before it. But for non-India numbers, please add the country code before the number. Ex: +1 for US or Canada, +65 for Singapore etc. *
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