2021 CAMP Application Form, part 1
We are excited to offer our 8th summer of the Bard Math Circle Creative and Analytical Math Program (CAMP), a one-week academic math program. CAMP is for students leaving grades 5–8 (and entering grades 6–9 in the fall).

CAMP Application Process Overview:
Part 1: Student and Parent Information
Part 2: Math Application Packet for the Student
Part 3: Invited Student Form (includes activity consents, payment information, opportunity to request need-based financial aid)

CAMP Overview
* The program will run August 2–6, 2021 online.
* The precise schedule is still in the works, as we reflect on our online experience from last summer.
* The full cost is $275, with need-based financial aid available to invited students.
* Math, computer science, and art classes along with various activities are led by experienced and inspiring instructors, assisted by Bard College math majors.

This part of the application consists of 4 sections:
1. Student Information
2. Student Educational Information
3. Parent/Guardian Information

Once we receive your response, we will email you part 2 (the Math Activity Packet) for the student to complete and return.

If you have any questions about CAMP, please visit bardmathcircle.org/camp-more-information or email hello@bardmathcircle.org.
1. Student Information
Please tell us about who is applying to attend the CAMP.
Student Email Address *
Please enter an email address where we can reach you. If you don't have an email address, you may enter your parent or guardian's email address instead.
Student First Name *
Student Last Name *
What would you like us to call you? *
This could be a nickname or other preferred appellation.
Birthday *
Please make sure to include the correct year.
Age *
In years.
Gender *
2. Student Educational Information
Tell us about your education and mathematical background.
Grade in School *
(as of Spring 2021)
School Name *
School District
School City *
School State *
Current Math Class *
Math Teacher's Name *
Please describe your math enrichment and CS experience. *
Are you on a math or programming team at school? If so, what are your contests and scores? Do you have 3D printing experience? Do you participate in a math or CS club? Have you made a webpage? What activities have you completed? What are you other distinguishing math/CS enrichment achievements?
Have you participated in Bard Math Circle programming or other math enrichment in the past?
Please check all that apply.
Are there any other activities, hobbies, or experiences that you wish to inform us about that could be relevant to our program?
(for example: chess, rubik’s cubes, robotics, knitting, reading, etc.,)
3. Parent/Guardian Information
Our primary point of contact is the parent or guardian. Please let us know how to get in touch with you!
This section is set up to collect information about a primary adult contact, and optionally, a secondary contact. To add additional adult contacts, please use the Comments field below.
Primary Parent/Guardian Email Address *
Please enter a parent or guardian's email address that you check regularly. Email will be our primary method of communication.
Primary Parent/Guardian First Name *
Primary Parent/Guardian Last Name *
Primary Parent/Guardian Phone Number *
We don't plan to call or text you, but just in case we need to get in touch quickly, we ask for a phone number where you can be reached.
Secondary Parent/Guardian Email Address
Optional, if you'd like to include another parent/guardian contact.
Secondary Parent/Guardian First Name
Secondary Parent/Guardian Last Name
SecondaryParent/Guardian Phone Number
Financial Aid
We have budgeted funds towards financial support for students in need. Funding priority is for students who would qualify for free lunch or other assistance programs. But we will do what we can so that cost is not a barrier to participation for any invited student. You will have an opportunity to request financial aid in the third part of the application, once your child has completed the application packet, and has been invited to participate in CAMP 2021.
Is there anything else you'd like us to know?
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