A-kon 28 Art Show Form
Pre registration is open and will be open til June 6th. Any forms received after this date will be considered 'at door' pricing.
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Number of Panels ________ @ $10/$15 per = $ __________

Number of Tables ________ @ $15/$20 per = $ __________

Number of half Tables ________ @ $8/$15 per = $ __________

Number of NFS Entries ________ @ $ 5.00 up to 5 = $ __________

Total amount due = $ __________

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Payment options: We will accept payment at the table (card, check, cash) but if you want to pay early you can paypal us at artshowsales@a-kon.com
Artist Agreement: Artist Agreement:I/We have read and agree to adhere to the terms stated in the A-kon 2017 Art Show Regulations document. I/We understand that any breach in agreement to comply with these rules in the appropriate action or the ejection of all members of the company/group/organization from the convention as a response.
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Any questions please feel free to email artshow@a-kon.com
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