The Mommonality eCommerce Market Application

The Mommonality eCommerce Market brought to you by The Virtual Marketplace

The FIRST eCommerce Market Event of its kind... like ever!


Friends, this is a BRAND NEW eCommerce Mommonality Market Event happening on June 6 - 7

Your customers will be able to browse a fully branded market website for this event and guess what? YOU will have your own unique webpage to feature as many products as YOU like (options + pricing below) for this epic TWO day eCommerce event!

Whether you have eCommerce today or NOT, this online eCommerce market will make "ADD TO CART" that much easier for you and your customers.

- You are FREE to fulfill orders and not worry about responding to a number of DMs
- Get paid before fulfilling customer orders
- No e-transfers - all monies are deposited right into your bank account via Stripe Connect
- Shoppers will have a one-stop-shop meaning more visibility to YOUR products and less WORK in other words,
an enjoyable shopping experience...

How this works:
1. Apply
2. Wait to hear back as to whether you've been approved
3. If approved, you will need to send your vendor fee (see form below for pricing) via EMT to the email provided in your approval email. In addition, you will need to complete the form provided, asking you for the following:

- Company logo
- 1-3 pictures of EACH of your items for sale
- Quantity available for purchase including sizes
- Price of each item
- Sale prices (if any)
- Name of product
- Description of the product(s) (optional)
- Refund / return policy
- Shipping info (optional)
- Info regarding payment for your sales (for direct deposit into YOUR bank account)

4. Once the market is live ( you just have to sit back, help promote on your social channels, and then... within 72 hours following June 7th you will have a list of all your orders which must be shipped within 7-10 days (or earlier) to your customers.

How do I get paid?
Vendors will be paid via Stripe Connect. Stripe Connect is a simple and secure software in our virtual marketplace that is used to accept money and pay out our vendors. This means that anyone who sells on the virtual marketplace will receive payment directly within 7 days following June 7th.

But what about shipping fees?
Ideally offering FREE shipping, porch pick-up/drop-off as part of this event is HUGE; however, if you cannot swing FREE shipping we will have a disclaimer on all your listed products indicating that the vendor will issue a separate invoice/messaging indicating cost of shipping and handling once the customer's order is ready to ship.
- - - - - - - - -


The Virtual Marketplace is designed for Market Organizers & Small Businesses

Are you a business that sells goods and/or services looking to gain more exposure?

Do you want more sales and website traffic?

That's where The Virtual Marketplace comes in to play. Whether you have a website or not, as a merchant, The Virtual Marketplace will become YOUR website or subsequent website to your own. As a merchant with us, you will have your own dedicated page and URL with absolutely ZERO experience in web design required.

The Virtual Marketplace features YOUR products and/or services available for purchase, company biography, and links to YOUR social channels to continue the relationship between YOU and YOUR customers beyond the platform’s shopping experience.

Customers can browse our website by categories to find products with each vendor having their own custom link taking users RIGHT to their storefront page.

The platform is designed to assist entrepreneurs and small businesses, who pour passion into their products and/or services, by providing the best possible quality shopping experience for existing and NEW customers.

With The Virtual Marketplace, small businesses have the potential to transform followers into customers as a result of expanding their channels for which they can sell their products.

The Virtual Marketplace is an all-in-one shopping platform with a hosting feature for event organizers like The Mommonality Market to host their own curated virtual shopping markets with their select group of vendors.

This includes a completely branded website with categorized vendors curated by the Market Organizer.

Market Organizers select their vendors, arrange their vendor fees and we do the rest by bringing their eCommerce Market to LIFE.
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Please note that applications are reviewed within 48 hours. If you do not hear back from us within 48 hours it is likely that someone has already confirmed your category or is in line for a similar spot but we will contact you regardless but feel free to DM @themommonalitymrkt if you have any questions. *
The organizer will be reaching out to select vendors. Once this occurs, your spot is only reserved once the vendor payment has been received - YOU MUST BE APPROVED PRIOR TO SENDING PAYMENT. Once approved, please submit payment within 24 hours of your application acceptance and include your COMPANY NAME in the notes section with the password: mommonality *
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