Pomona Mobility Survey
This survey is a collaborative effort between the Latino and Latina Roundtable and The Greenlining Institute that seeks to learn the opinion of the community regarding the use of public transportation and pomona. Thank you for supporting us in answering these 13 questions, the results will help us create an assessment of the needs of our community and be able to advocate for better clean transportation in Pomona.
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1. What is your age range? *
2. What is your Zip Code? *
3. What is your occupation? *
4. What do you use public transport for?
5. How often do you use public transport?
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6. What mode of transportation do you usually take? (Check all that apply) *
7. How important is it to you that the mode you use is clean and respectful of
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8. What factors influence your decision to use public transportation? (check all that apply) *
9. Do you have any suggestions for how public transportation could be made more clean and environmentally friendly?
10. How satisfied are you with the public transportation options available to you?
11.  Besides public transportation would you support a business that prioritizes clean mobility and/or is working on addressing climate crisis/climate justice?
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12. How would you describe your relationship with your local community?

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13. Is there anything else you would like to share about how you move through Pomona?  
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