Scammer of the Year 2016
There were probably about a million scams this year, everything from quick HYIP run aways to fake cryptocurrenceis to failed RevShares, but these ones are the cream of the crop, or the sh*t of the toilet more accurately.

Here are the nominees for Scammer of the Year 2015

We are not going to use a "best" or "worst" in front of that title, because it could be either one depending on how you look at it
Email address *
Who ran the MOST CLEVER scam? *
This scam was the most believeable. The one that actually sounded like a LEGITIMATE business plan. The one that, maybe could have actually worked as a business... if it wasn't run by some corrupt greedy a**hole.
Who was the MOST CHARISMATIC scammer? *
This scammer was the most seemingly trustworthy. S/he actually seems more like a FRIEND that betrayed you, rather than some stranger that ran off with your money.
Who was the LEAST CHARISMATIC scammer? *
Basically, who was the biggest d-bag? (in terms of personality - arrogant, selfish, lazy, etc.)
Who scammed YOU the most? *
Which program did YOU personally lose the most money in?
Who scammed from the most PEOPLE? *
Not necessarily dollar amount, but who, in your opinion, likely had the biggest impact in terms of taking from a number INVESTORS?
Who is the RICHEST scammer? *
Who do you think stole the most $$ MONEY $$ total?
Who is the OVERALL Scammer of the Year for 2016? *
All things considered: cleverness, charm, money you lost, widespread effect on other investors, total money stolen, who deserves the OVERALL title for "Scammer of the Year 2016"?
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