Judicial Branch and Bill of Rights Overview
Answer these questions based on the Supreme Court reading, the map of the US Court System and the HipHughes videos. All are linked for you off today on the calendar.
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The only court the Constitution creates is
The two court systems in the US are
Why did the framers say Supreme Court Justices would have their jobs for life?
Which of the following are types of legal cases?
Check all that apply
An appellate court
The US Supreme Court (SCOTUS) is
Choose all that apply.
Judicial Review means
In a Supreme Court decision, which of the following is the "winning" opinion?
Which of the following indicates the correct order of case proceedings?
Which of the following are true of trial court?
Check all that apply
Which of the following is true of appellate court?
Check all that apply
A civil case deals with __________ and a criminal case deals with _________.
Choose the best option for filling in the missing words in the sentence.
The Bill of Rights:
Check all that are true
In a broad sense, it falls to the Supreme Court to balance
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One question I still have about the judicial branch is:
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