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665 N Tyler Ave Pinedale, WY 82941
307-367-6873 (p)
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**For the use of the Large Meeting Room (Room 122) please contact the SCSD #1 Office at 307-367-2139**
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Please arrive early as room arrangement and set up is the responsibility of the adult in charge of the activity!
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**All special equipment needs (computers/projector/etc) should be requested one week prior to the schedule activity. You will need to provide your own laptop for the projector**
-Rooms are available for use Monday-Friday on a first-come, first-serve basis during BOCES hours of operation (8 am - 5 pm M, W, F and 8 am - 8 pm T & Th ).
-The BOCES Center is being lent to you so understand that your privilege to use the center may be lost if guidelines are not followed.
-BOCES ability to assist you is LIMITED. You and your organization will be responsible for your activity and supplies. Arrive early to set up your room. COME PREPARED.
-Schedule individual meetings as BOCES will not guarantee availability of a room on a reoccurring basis.
-Read and adhere to the BOCES rental fee policy & facility use agreements below.
The BOCES facilities are leased from SCSD #1 therefore we have adopted their building use rental fee policy. Please carefully read the following rental fee policy:
Rental Fee for the following Classes - $0
Class I: Student organizations, classes, clubs, teacher organizations, school-affiliated parent organizations,such as PTA and booster organizations, the community college and/or community recreation district or similar organizations having a direct connection with education. When these groups are sponsoring activities for which no admission is charged, as well as any school district-sponsored activities and/or county and city or town governmental activities (i.e., elections, council meetings,etc.).Charges may be assessed for custodial services depending upon the nature and time of the event.
Class II: Civic clubs, for-profit organizations serving primarily K-12 students or the community as a whole, charitable and character-building organizations and other organized non-profit groups, but not including religious organizations which are conducting meetings or programs devoted to community education and/or child education for which no admission is charged. Usage fees will be based on rental agreement.
Rental Fee for the following Classes - $50/day
Class III: All other for-profit and non-profit organizations sponsoring events for which admission is charged or which are done for fund-raising purposes and all religious organizations desiring the use of school facilities for church services, church schools or other related activities shall be charged based on the rental agreement. All rental charges set forth above are for use of the facility and payment of utilities only. Costs for custodial services and/or other special personnel shall be charged at the full rate necessary to compensate those individuals at their regular salary rate in addition to the rental fee.
-Each group must gather and dispose of garbage. Please place trash cans in the hallway.
-Groups are responsible for leaving the floors clean so please vacuum, sweep or mop the area. Vacuums, mops and brooms are available at the main office.
-Tables must be wiped down and lights turned off.
-Groups must assume responsibility of any damage to the room or its contents.
-Groups are responsible for their own supplies, i.e. laptops, tape, scissors, markers, pens, paper, etc.
-Please be respectful of other programs that are taking place at the same time. Please remain in your designated room and limit the noise in the hallway.
-Facilities are under video surveillance that may be monitored and or recovered.
I have read and fully understand the above policies and agreement and will adhere to them. *
Enter your name & email address as your signature accepting the above policies & agreement.
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