Educate For Camp STUDY TOUR
Educate For is looking for passionate individuals to participate in our "Educate For Camp Study Tour" to learn the history of Peru, learn about international volunteerism and project management.During the Educate For Camp, students participating will be a part of sports, dance, art, various extra curricular activities in order to participate in one "intensive activity" the second week.Members that participate will become the "Second Youth Ambassadors" of Educate For, and will represent his or her country, along with the Educate For Team in Trujillo, Peru.
名前 / Your Name
メールアドレス/email address
電話番号/ phone number with country code
生年月日 / Birthday and Year
所属及び学年 / Profession /School name and year
英語レベルを示す点数等 / English Proficiency
スペイン語レベルを示す点数等 /Spanish Proficiency
出国前オリエンテーションには参加可能ですか? / Can you participate in the Orientation ?
どのようにこのStudy Tourを知りましたか? How did you find out about this Study Tour?
キャンプで担当したい授業(担当したいものを全て選択してください)What class do you want to teach during the camp?
志望動機 / Why do you want to participate?
どうして国際協力・教育に興味がありますか? / Why are you interested in Education and/or NGO work?
今までプログラムを運営する経験やボランティアの経験はありますか? / Do you have experience leading programs and/or volunteering?
履歴書を添付して下さい。(もしくはlinked in profileを次に載せてください)/ Your CV or please put your Linked IN URL in the next step. *
Linked In のURL / Linked In URL
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