Shakespeare's Characters! Get to know your library & a real librarian.
You can win prizes too. 🤩
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Question #1. Your Group Name. Name your group after a Shakespeare character. Like the Pucks or Titanias. Enter it below. *
Question #2. Add the names of everyone in your group *
When you don't know what to do, start at go/library 🔮
If you forget all the go/links in this quiz, go/library will save the day.

Find a quiet place and watch this short video: "Citation For People Who Hate Citation" 📺
How to Find Books 📚
At Middlebury, there are two ways to find books: LibrarySearch and MIDCAT.
Find it at go/LibrarySearch.

LibrarySearch is like Google. It searches everything in the library like books, newspapers, journal articles, and movies.
Find it at go/midcat

MIDCAT is the "classic" library catalog.

MIDCAT is best when you know what you're looking for and can search for a title, author, or subject. You'll get fewer results in MIDCAT than in LibrarySearch. 

MIDCAT won't help you with misspellings or auto-suggestions, so make sure you spell-check! 

Question #3. Find a book about Shakespeare in the Library by James Shapiro, a professor at Columbia University. Tell me the title below. 

📸 Now go find the book. Take a #shelfie, a picture of you bragging that you found the book. 

📱 Text your photo to Rebekah along with your team name 802-989-2948
Question 4. Can you find a book about teaching social justice through Shakespeare? If you find one, choose he name of Chapter 5 from the options below.

👏🏼 Tip: You don't have to go to an actual bookshelf to find it.
What are Scholarly or Peer Reviewed Articles?
The term scholarly article or peer reviewed refers to an article published in an academic journal, reviewed by professors and experts in a field.

How to Find Articles
Start at LibrarySearch go/LibrarySearch

LibrarySearch includes articles from other websites that are perfect for you class like Jstor (go/jstor), Project Muse (go/ProjectMuse), and the MLA International Bibliography (go/MLA).

But you don't have to remember those names. Just start at go/library.
Question 6. Try to find a peer-reviewed article that explores ideas around queer identity, pregnancy, and gender in a particular stage adaptation of "A Midsummer Night's Dream."

Copy-Paste the MLA citation below. 

👏🏼 Tip: LibrarySearch and MIDCAT provide citations! (If you can't find it, ask Rebekah when you see her again.)
What if the Library does't have what I need? 
This will happen! The Library can help by borrowing a book or journal article from another library.
We call this Inter Library Loan, or ILL. You can learn more at go/ill

We talk more about this when we meet too. 🗯
Last question. You're visiting Rebekah on a Monday. What are the Davis Family Library's hours today?

*Tip: You can visit go/hours to find out when the Libraries open and close.
Extra credit. The library is 222 years old and has millions of items.

Add a question about the library that you still have and Rebekah will try to answer it.
That's it. 🥳
Hit "Submit" below. See you in Special Collections.
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