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Indoor Circuit Training
Exercising in a group is a fun and motivating way to improve and/or maintain physical activity. The Active Health Clinic has designed classes to meet the different needs of our clients using facilities at Stanley Ho Sports Centre. Circuit training is a high energy, time effective workout desgined to improve stamina, strength and fitness - all at the same time!
Hatha Yoga & Yin Yang Flow
Hatha Yoga - Links traditional Hatha postures into a sequence of movements that flow naturally from one to the next. This eclectic class will explore variations of sun salutations, standing and seated poses along with body balancing.Connecting the breath with the movement of the body during the flow of yoga and deepening into the stretch allows energy to flow and provides relaxation for the busy mind.

Core Yoga - This 60 minute yoga class with both standing and floor poses aims to build up core strength and stability, improve balance and posture, reduce back pain, hold yoga asanas for longer, improve digestive fire, quicken blood and get oxygen and energy moving through the body and protect inner organs, nervous system and spinal cord.

Yin/ Yang Flow - Yin/Yang flow Yoga combines the balancing and complementary effects of passive (Yin) and active (Yang) postures. Together this practice cultivates a balance between decisive effort and surrender, movement and stillness and inner will and contemplation. This class is suitable for all levels. Moving with increased focus and intention to more strength building poses and closing with deeply held streches. You will gain strength, flexibility and develop keen self-awareness as you learn to use your breath to flow.

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