Affordable Housing Academy - registration for the Developer Pioneer Course
Please use this form to apply to participate in the Developer Pioneer Course that Empowa is launching. If you want to work on the application collaboratively or offline, here are the questions as a Google Doc, which you can copy:

Please note that Google Forms does not allow submissions with greater than 25,000 characters (~6,000 words) across all questions. If you need to have that much material in your submission, please include a link to an external Google Doc, or upload a Word/PDF document, in the appropriate question below. However, we encourage you to keep your submission as brief as possible!

We will, at our discretion, share content from this form with other funders and collaborators who we trust to handle it with discretion.

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Can you make yourself available for the Developer Pioneer Course from June 6th 2022 until at least December end 2022, for approximately 8 hours per week? *
If one or more people are collaborating with you on your affordable housing ambitions, please list them here and elaborate how they collaborate with you. Also indicate if they are registering separately for this Developer course. Please place each collaborator on their own line.
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