Faithbox 2021 Vendor Application
If your company is interested in being featured in Faithbox, please follow these instructions:

1. Fill out this vendor application form.

2. Send a sample of your product along with your business info and pricing to:

Faithbox Inc.
Waterloo, NE 68069-0070

Sending in sample product(s) is not a guarantee of inclusion. Due to the number of samples we get, samples can not be returned and therefore, become property of Faithbox.  We understand that you want to be in our box and it's a great marketing opportunity to become a Partner with Faithbox. Please do your research on what our company is about and what types of items we place in our box before sending products that are oversized or not a fit with our mission. If you have specific questions please send emails to Attention Valerie

If we are interested in your product and you meet the Do-Good requirements, someone from our team will contact you. Please ship your items with tracking to prevent contacting our team to see if we received your product. As a courtesy, please do not send your product without a welcome letter and product pricing. Our time is valuable and the more information we have on hand the quicker we can respond to you and start our partnership.
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