TEDxIEMadrid 2018
Theme: Simplexity
Date: 7th of June, 2018
Place: Teatros Luchana, Madrid
Price: €40

Be one of our 100 attendees!
See more about the event at http://tedxiemadrid.com/

This year, as always, we have some amazing speakers who are willing to share their ideas worth spreading live with you! Join us in this journey on June 7th and get a touch of the TEDx magic. Discover for yourself why people love the live experience of TEDxIEMadrid. Stay tuned for more information at our website and in social media!

Once you fill-in the survey, expect an email a few weeks before the event. We will send you a link and guidelines on how to get your ticket. You will be having limited time (48 hours) to buy your ticket, so please check your email (and spam folder) often.
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