Fall 2018 Course Activity Fund Application
Deadline: Friday, September 14th

The Center for Public Service (CPS) offers two project funds during a semester- a Course Activity Fund of up to $250 and a competitive, limited fund of an additional $500 for projects that meet best practices. The goal of this initiative is to support public service activities, enhance the quality of projects, and promote ongoing partnerships by offering an added value that enhances successful outcomes of planned service activities.

The funds can be used to support activity costs such as tools, equipment, supplies, etc.; to support out-of-class reflection sessions with both students and community partners; and/or for community partners as guest speakers in class. CPS also encourages that all service learning students participating in these activities present their final projects or outcomes of their work in a group closing event with the community partner. Here are some past examples:

- In a course with optional service learning, a professor invited their community partner as a guest speaker for the entire class, and used funds to offer a small honorarium. The entire class could form a discussion around the community issues lectured by the partner.
- Professor purchased books and workbooks for service learners to use in teaching and tutoring adult English learners at a newly developed program.
- Professor used funds for refreshments in a closing event at partner site where students presented the final products of their work for their teacher mentors and partner schools.

Faculty, please complete the short form below to reserve your funds. Faculty members should submit ALL original, detailed receipts no later than 45 days after expenditure, and no later than the end of classes to ensure a prompt processing of reimbursements. Submissions made after the last day of classes may not be eligible for reimbursement. Submissions should be made as a report on the Concur system. Upon completing this form, further instructions will be sent.

- Expenses MUST be related to service learning activity, not the traditional classroom or non-service field trips.
- Up to $250 will be reimbursed to FACULTY, and in some cases with advance notice, to community partners with faculty's permission. Students will NOT be directly reimbursed.
- All reimbursements must follow standard University protocol (i.e. no alcohol, reasonable limit on dining per person, no honorarium for Tulane faculty as guest speakers, receipts submitted within 45 day window, etc.)
- Funds cannot support partners in a for-profit venture.

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Click here if you'd like to also apply for the WAVES grant, for up to $500 additional funds. This is a competitive fund, and your project must meet service learning best practices.
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