WCI 2020 Scholarship Application
Only professional students enrolled full-time in a professional school located in the United States for the 2020-2021 year and in good academic standing are eligible (yes, we actually call your school and check.) That means medicine, osteopathic medicine, podiatry, dentistry, law, pharmacy, optometry, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, CRNA, anesthesiologist assistant, or veterinarian. We will also consider physical therapy and occupational therapy students if the program leads to a doctorate degree. Yes, I know the title says "medical school scholarship" and most of our applicants and winners in the past were working toward MD and DO degrees, but all of these degrees are eligible.

No online schools (brick and mortar only).
No undergraduates.
No residents. Even if you’re a dental resident paying tuition. Sorry. Students only.
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An 800-1200 word proofread essay written in English on any topic you choose. This word limit is STRICTLY enforced.
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