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Thank you for your interest in nominating a speaker for Cleantech Forum San Francisco. We are open to a wide variety of suggestions/topics to inform, entertain and bring something different to our audience of innovation companies, investors and major industrial corporations. Most obviously, your suggestions could be in line with the themes and topics our agenda highlights. But you could pitch something different – from pure entertainment to TED-like talks. See more below:
We are open to speakers from all backgrounds and perspectives; however, we give priority to:

• Senior executives from large industrial corporations and high-profile people in innovation/sustainability
• Those who bring content and experience, not overt sales pitches, to our platform
• Givers, not takers - those who can attend most or all of the event, as we would like our attendees to have time to interact with our speakers; those not expecting appearance fees; and those who will respond to follow-up (via email, for example) after the event is over
• Those who respect our audience, by making sure they have fresh content, which is well-targeted to them; by identifying one actionable takeaway; and if they are new to Cleantech Forum SF, by actively seeking feedback on their talk or slides, well in advance of delivery

We will be accepting submissions until DECEMBER 1, 2019. Please note, however, that the closer you submit to the deadline, the less likely your chances are of getting included in the program.


If you have any questions, please send them to

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