Sparkle Society Challenge
Let me know how this FREE challenge impacted and blessed your business!
How much of the Sparkle Challenge did you complete? *
Did you join Cyrissa on her daily Periscope trainings? *
If you joined Cyrissa for some of the Periscope trainings, rate the value they added to your understanding of social media!
Look back at the data you recorded at the beginning of the course (you were supposed to make a note in your phone or use a post-it)! How many new social media followers did you gain? *
How was your social media engagement affected by the Sparkle Challenge? *
What was your biggest surprise about being involved in the Sparkle Challenge? *
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What was your biggest "take-away" from the course, meaning, what was your biggest "a-ha!" moment??? *
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How did this Challenge affect your business? Did you get bookings? Grow your engagement? Increase sales? Brag on your success? I want to know! *
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Do you feel that Cyrissa empowered you to make smart strategic decisions for your Social Media accounts in 2016? *
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Would you be willing to write a 2-3 sentence review of the mini-series? If you choose to do this, please include your business name, facebook page, and instagram handle so I can credit you!
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Anything else you'd like me to know?
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I'm looking for BETA testers to pre-register for my newest course, "the Sparkle Start-Up," which premiers in Spring 2016. I need 20 BETA's to test the course and am offering HALF OFF registration until 12/31. Are you a new/new-ish photographer who would be interested??? *
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